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Fiction | HD | 2020

Directed by Tami XU

Nomination: 2020 Three Acts of Goodness Microfilm Contest - BLIA WORLD

The Mud Doll

Drama | 16mm | 2014

Directed by Tami XU

– 32nd Tehran International Short Film Festival, 2015

– Nepal International Film Festival, 2018

Patron of Irrigation

Documentary | HD| 2013

Directed by Tami XU

Taipei Agriculture Short Documentary Film Award 2013: Best Short Film


Documentary | HD | 2013

Directed by Tami XU

– Binisaya Film Festival: Asian Focus, 2014

– Fidé Festival International du Documentaire Etudiants, 2015



Hafitx Films is a Taiwan-based film production founded by young filmmakers in 2020. It’s aiming to build connections with talented filmmakers and visual artists worldwide.

The production focuses on innovative concepts with fresh approach, combines international experiences with a group of experienced filmmakers and technicians which covers feature films, documentary, series, shorts, commercials and new media such as VR / XR.


MAY 09 2021

At an elevation of 3069 meters, shot music video. That mountain and cloud so magnificent.

FEB 24 2021

[Announcement to the film release of HAFTIX Production Service]

Project title: “Geisterpost aus Taiwan (DE) / Le “pudu” et les fantômes errants (FR)” (Ghost Month in Taiwan / The “Pudu” and those wandering ghosts)

Presented by ARTE

Produced by Medea Film Factory

Directed by Claudio Sieber / Marita Neiner

Genre: TV Documentary aired on ARTE

Haftix Films was lucky to receive a project to provide our production service... a shoot via cloud...! It wasn’t easy for all of us, with producers/production company in Germany, director in Philippines and shooting crew in Taiwan, there were a lot of communication and preparation to deal with. Eventually, we handled to complete the shoot. We are sincerely grateful to every person who has helped the film to be done during the epidemic situation. It was such an experience to us!

German version

February 27 (Saturday) at 7.30 pm (GMT+2)

February 28 (Sunday) at 2.30 am (GMT+8)


French version

February 27 (Saturday) at 5.50 pm (GMT+2)

February 28 (Sunday) at 0.30 am (GMT+8)


FEB 10 2021

🎉 🎉 🎉Happy Chinese New Year, We wish you good fortune and may all your wishes come true.🐂🐂🐂

FEB 4 2020

Our film "AMIR"(阿米爾) was award “Honorable Mention” in the 2020 Three Acts of Goodness Microfilm Contest.

OCT 19 2020

Our first VR film project (in development) "On the Way"(在路上), produced by Haftix Films & Zed Wang, created / directed by Tami Xu, has received "Funique VR Best Creativity Award" at VR Film Lab of 2020 Kaohsiung Film Festival.

SEP 30 2020

Production Services: A reshoot of TV documentary "Interdenominational Love"; produced by ARTE & Medea Film Factory; directed by Claudio Sieber. Hafitx crew on set!

AUG 05 2020

Short Film "AMIR"(阿米爾) was nominated to 2020 Three Acts of Goodness Microfilm Contest, BLIA WORLD. It’s now at final stage of selection. The jury members of this year: Ann Hui(director), Jean Tsien(editor), Gavin Lin(director).


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